Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Help in Prayer

My heart desperately wants to go to the beach. I have not been in over 6 years. It is the only place on earth I really want to be. I would probably be the same way about the desert, (I have never actually been to one, but the ocean has the same effect on me). Being a desert pilgrim is something that is an inward reality for me, though I have never had the opporunity to experience a natural desert.

The ocean speaks to me of the vastness of our Lord, and also His silence, and the silence we enter into in deep prayer.
I set this old beat up watercolor I did many years ago in the window opposite where I sit in the bed to pray. I noticed the light was coming through it and keeps changing as the day goes on. This makes the painting somehow "alive". Anyway, it has given me a great uplift. So, I am sharing this photo. I wish you could see how the light moves through the painting.

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Duke Vipperman said...

This song expresses the desire to trust oneself to God while being real about the anxieties and uncertainties involved in so doing.

Storm clouds are brewing
over my soul
And waves of confusion,
they buffet and roll
Be thou my anchor,
be thou my stronghold
As I am crossing over.

Carry me, carry me carry me
Over this ocean, carry me.
Carry me, carry me, carry me
Over this ocean, carry me.

Before me, horizons of uncertainty
Behind me, the shadows
of what might have been
Be thou my rock,
be thou my constancy
As I am crossing over...

Be thou before me,
a beacon to guide
Be thou beneath me,
my home-coming tide
Be thou around me on every side
As I am crossing over...

Nick and Anita Haigh © 2002 Break of Day Music/Daybreak Music

Of the Northumbria Community.
Did you ever find someone to join you in praying from the Celtic Daily Prayer book. I saw the request on Facebook and wondere.d

The Rev'd Dr. Duke Vipperman