Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Undying Flame

I am currently reading a book by T. Austin-Sparks called "The Battle for Life". I had been seeing that we are all in a battle to retain our possessions (spiritual), we are all facing onslaughts of various kinds in these days. We really need to hold fast that which we have. I was led to get this book down off the shelf and am overpowered by the depth and strength of it.

Just before this quote, he had been talking about Zechariah 4 and the two living olive trees that continually pour the oil into the pipes to the bowls on the lampstand. They are living trees, not a cistern, but oil being poured continually, ever fresh, not stored up, and maintained at full strength continually. I think this also relates to the parable of the virgins. The marginal reading in Matthew 25 reads "our lamps are going out" which gives a good sense of this necessity of the continual need of the oil.
Here is the quote, I am sure this book is available, maybe even online, just do a search for T. Austin-Sparks---

The Undying Flame (from "The Battle for Life")
p. 9---
"It is the testimony of an unfailing life, an undying life, an all-sufficient life; the testimony of a life which is not an abstract, which is not something stored up, but something which is coming all the time from an inexhaustible stream; a mighty, glorious life. As the light burns, it is a constant declaration of victory, and that a victory over death, death which would seek to quench the light, quench the flame, smother it. It burns in the mist of surrounding death, a continuous declaration that death has no power to quench it."


Ted M. Gossard said...

Just lost a comment through my server. So here goes again, hopefully a bit shorter.

Desert Pilgrim, Thanks for sharing this. Does seem to have a definite community aspect to it when I think of Paul's words that we not put out the Spirit's fire. I like the emphasis here that it is from God for us. Good to think on, and better yet trust as God's ongoing working for us in Christ.

Kilauea Poetry said...

You know this was maybe one of the first books I read by him. I really enjoyed this's been awhile. Powerful- "something which is coming all the time from an inexhaustible stream-victory over death! Thanks for sharing-
Anyway, you might like the link for the list/library. You can receive the articles in your inbox. (keeping with Sparks wishes). Also you can receive books for free (keeping Sparks wishes) is there statement. "Power of the Resurrection" is tremendous!
Regards, Regina-

Kilauea Poetry said...

I didn't mean to repeat that (keeping with Sparks Wishes) is just for the books as I've actually seen them being sold over the net here and there.

Desert Pilgrim said...

Regina, Yes, I was aware that he wanted his books to remain free. I have had quite a few of his books for a long time and listen to his audios all the time. I really appreciate your comments. Your blog is very nice.
Ted, thank you for your comment. Stay in touch with me.
In Him,

Unknown said...

It takes one hand to carry a lamp, leaving one hand to carry the rest of our stuff. Perhaps we are to limit what we carry and focus on the lamp? Being ready at all times to explain why we cherish the light of our path and not so much the loads we try to keep with us?