Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Absence

I haven't intentionally been away from the blog for so long, but somehow it just seemed to happen.  I have a great sense of urgency regarding events in the world, and a friend said recently that the church must come to a fulness of travail.  That made me think of one of my favorite verses in Isaiah 26.  The one about we have been in travail, but have brought nothing forth.  We seem to be tasting a time of nothing seeming to happen. Then again, there is a knowing that tremendous things are actually happening, but somehow what the Lord is doing is something wordless.  I know I can't explain it, and several close to me are experiencing the same thing.


Anne said...

I agree and I know others who think the same. Your blog is very beautiful. God bless you.

Ganeida said...

Thank you for visiting.

What an interesting post this is.

I do not think we are travailing in vain. I sense rather a huge shift in the Spiritual realms. There is a greater sense of urgency but also the Lord is preparing to gather in a great harvest. I see it in the spirit, as I see the flame of revival that will spread across Australia (& I think to the rest of the world) The time grows short, the hour is dark but the Lord said he would leave the wheat & the tares to grow together until the time of the harvest.

Anonymous said...

Same for me ~~ we are birthing a great deliverance from the ego-based and shame-based beliefs about ourselves. We are one with a God whose Presence sets all the captives free and we are getting that Presence along with that freedom. Few know what to do with their freedom. They know it is a gift but the challenge is to keep the gift free. We are made to choose life and not death, but we have lived in survival mode for so long we are like those that mourn for Zion, but don't know that the Zion is within each of us. We will birth it, we will live it, and it will be us that travails, but it will be Life that prevails. Life in One with God.
Janis in Boise Idaho