Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Mass Media

I have a strong sense that the mass media/popculture idolatry is coming to its fulness and a point of no return.
We need to find that place in the wilderness where we can flee from it. I am not speaking of a literal wilderness, I am certainly too old to live off of the land, but the true meaning of what that wilderness is in our inner life and our spiritual reality. I am speaking of the wilderness of that hiding place and inner chamber such as Isaiah 26:20 or Ps. 91 or Rev. 12. The place where we will be protected from all this deception and intrusion into our minds.
I pray we will all be able to come to a deeper insight and pursuit of that place apart from all the madness going on these days.

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Ted M. Gossard said...

Very interesting, Desert Pilgrim, and maybe along the lines of what I blog on today.

I did read this earlier but needed to think on it, before commenting.

But something of this has been on my mind lately. Just seems like we can't get complete rest in this life, or maybe we can to a significant extent as long as it is rather a byproduct, or result of our longing after God and to follow Jesus in our lives. I'm rather thinking out loud....