Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Focus

I was thinking about the verse in the Song of Solomon - "Draw me, we will run after Thee." I am stressing the "me" and then the "we". If we maintain our focus and single eye on the Lord and nothing else, (beholding Him as in 2 Cor. 3), then others will also be drawn to seek Him. This reminds me too. of what the Lord tells us in John, that believing on Him is our true work.
And St. Seraphim of Sarov says that if we abide in His peace, then many others will come to salvation through our peace.


His Path Through The Wilderness said...

I wanted to say that I appreciate this post. It is true, well put and beautiful in its simplicity.

Thank you.

Desert Pilgrim said...

I really appreciate your comment so very much. It is encouraging to hear from readers.